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Thread: Creative Website designer needed!!!

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    Creative Website designer needed!!!

    Job Budget: Between $200 and $500 Bids/ Views: 2 / 782

    Time Remaining: 25d 23h 10m (ends Sep 20, 2008 23:36 U.S. Eastern Time)

    Job Description
    NEed a Very experienced creative web designer to create a Unique website for an Olympic athlte. Quality ex: or better. Capable of creating a media Campaign around him.

    site will consist of 2-3 different languages, video games, kids activity section, Video, online netowrking section for members,

    Think out the box and big.
    Web Content needed and translations for content. SPanish/englsih/ portugese Or chinese.

    Bringing on Interns and persons who feel they can make the best design.
    Those chosen for the job and perform great will be apart of the team for bigger projects and be capable of being the official web designer and artist for all of marketing materials.

    May be seen by millions and major networks.

    more details, go to

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    All for $500? With all due respect, you really are asking a lot for very little return. I do wish you well with your project, though.

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