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Thread: Very Helpful SEO guidelines

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    Very Helpful SEO guidelines

    HI all

    i just written down some proven seo guidelines. i want to share with you. please feel free to comment on any so that we learn from each others experience.

    Page Title
    - The title should be between 3 and 7 words.
    - The target keyword should be at the start of the title.
    - Avoid special characters.
    - While building Landing Pages use long tail titles which will be able to target 2 or more terms. (There is no benefit to use common keywords in title. Like for, in, the, is, etc)

    - The keywordSrcastic should be the first thing on the page in an H1 tag.
    - Try to avoid content duplication as much as possible.
    - The keyword should be used at least once in each paragraph.
    - The content length (as whole) should be between 600-1000 words.
    - Supporting Keywords (e.g. alternative descriptive words, subheading, promotional text or related products) should be in h2 tags.
    - ĎHí tags should be used in hieratical format. (e.g. H1, H2 then H3)
    - The page must not contain any dead link
    - Keyword should appear at least twice in hyperlink text. (Better to put one link near the start of page)
    - ĎAltí values of Images must be set to the keywordSrcastic.
    - The page should be in complete linking hierarchy (Must be able to get to the page from our main site and vice-versa).
    - Every image (apart from design images) should have Alt tag.
    - If possible put keyword block in page. Having all target keywords in H tags.

    - Meta keywords should not be more than 30 words.
    - Avoid duplication in Meta keywords.
    - Try unique Meta description for each page (if possible).
    - Meta description should be short and comprehensive.
    - If page is static donít include Meta Revisit URL
    - Use unique Meta keywords in every page.

    Social Book marking:
    - It is very beneficial to bookmark landing pages (If pages are in less quantity) in Digg or Stumbleupon. It takes 3-4 extra minutes but has great benefits.

    Page Name:
    - Page name should be short and describe the content of page. (e.g. Keyword should be in page name)

    Permanent one way Links
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    Hi, your points are great but please note that there are no fixed rules and regulations when it comes to the SEO points and rankings.

    For example, it cannot be like saying just how many number of words are regarded as the best options and practice for creating the title section of the web pages because the on page optimizations factors are always the core points of debates and argues.

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