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    CCDEX Design

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new here. I have been in Web Design for quite some time now, (not not 'professionally') and was looking for some comments on my latest project.

    There is a new design in the works that is a lot more '2.0' and 'Roundish' but I would appreciate comments on what is up there now!

    Thank you!

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    it took me about a minute to even know what the site was about. I still don't know what its for to tell you the truth. Contractors for what? Its quite confusing. The landing page is very plain, and the use of blue gradients is too much. It seems like a default CMS template or something. For some reason the design just rubs me the wrong way. If the website does what it says, then its still a good site. The PHP scripting and database needed to run a commmunity like that must be impressive. For doing something of this scale and not being a professional I give it a 8/10, but if you were an actual web designer I would say 5/10 because the design is stagnant and lacking.

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