Hi, i really need some help please.

I have a flash site going and want to retrieve data when someone clicks submit on a booking form. After someone clicks submit the details get email to me. Everything works except the drop down boxes. When someone clicks submit the details that they choose in the drop down box are nto retrieved and emailed to me.

Can anyone help please? Web developers wnt to charge 100usd and it should only take 10 minute max.

For the retrieve button I have:

on (release) {
_parent.name=" Your Name";
_parent.email=" Your Email";
_parent.phone=" Your Phone";
_parent.numadults=" Num of Adults";
_parent.numchildren=" Num of Children";
_parent.comments=" Comments";

The last 6 - 7 lines are for the drop down boxes. I have a php script that emails the data as well.