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    Found a Great Free Link Checker!

    I had a page with 40,000+ links via a js double drop-down script, made a htm page out of the js source page by eliminating everything but the final links to the includes with the program "Actual Search and Replace", and used the software at the following link to check that page and those links on my Apache personal server. It works extremely well. It also produces a number of decent report stats pages. I ended up with 3115 unique links (A lot of those 40,000+ links are needed duplicates with different criteria). It was extremely quick (seconds). The 40,000+ links I just checked were not to html pages, but to .inc files and it worked. It showed the few links (in red) that were broken and showed me the rest that weren't broken in green with a big "OK". I thought I'd pass it on to everyone here. Thumbs up.

    This is one that you download and use from your machine and not one of those "submit URL" online forms. It will check pages that are on your machine's personal server or any page on the internet, and I believe it will check local pages that are only on your machine as well. Unlike the W3school's program, there's no complicated stuff and no "incorporating" it into your personal server. You just download it, click "run", click "install" and click a "yes" a few times. To use it, you just type the page address into the address box and click "check". And there is a way to check an entire directory in one shot if you like.

    Oh yeah, it will also create a site map for you.
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    check this one of tool

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