I am trying to put a web player on my website. I need it to be very simple with a few requirements. It should probably be fairly large since it will have its own page. No limit on how many songs can be added, ability to make playlists (not as important), I want people to be able to rate songs (most important), also I know this will be a html issue but I want it to be able to be opened in a smaller page. Also, I need a place on it where people can submit music to the ftp where we can review and add it to the player. Also, ability to edit the look would be nice to match the look of my web page.

Has anybody seen anything like this I can find somewhere? I have found plenty of basic players that have a lot of what I want but not all, mainly the song ratings thing. Or if someone can explain how to take a normal player and add that function, that would be great too.