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Thread: The Business Card Website

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    The Business Card Website

    Hello All,

    I have just launched a niche comparison website It is still in Beta at the moment. The aim of the website is to become the web’s leading business card resource, a site where you can gain inspiration, compare printing costs, find out what you can do with a business card, download templates and more.

    It is a small scale version of a website idea that I have had for a while now.

    Please let me know your thoughts so far.

    p.s. I have got some Google Adsense in there as well, as the intention is to make a small buck or two on the side.



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    I love your website because I am also printing business cards for my customers.

    The templates are very good idea. This will be excellent if the template size 90mm x 54mm also available.

    By the way. How can a new printer add to your list? I also noticed that the printers listed in your website are very expensive. I will be very happy if I can print business cards at such prices

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