im looking for someone to go in partners with me on my website.I plan on doing the design and graphics for it but what im mainly looking for is someone who would be able to help me get my site up and running so i can actually start generating some revenue. The plan for my site is to allow users to sell their own music through me. It is mainly going to be a hip hop oriented site where users sell beats and songs, but eventually i plan on branching out to every genre of music. i have alot of stuff that needs to be done still before i can actually open it up to the public. Im looking for someone who wants to help me run the site long term for a percentage of the profits. the more this person is able to do the higher percentage i am willing to pay out to them. Up to a total of 33% of the profits. if i can find one person that can help fulfill all of my needs with the website that would be great. If not I will have to bring on more than one person and that 33% would be divided among them paid accordingly to how much work they plan on doing for the site. i Plan on dividing my profits with whoever helps me for as long as they stay with the site. get in touch with me here if you want to hear what i still need done. i didnt read the terms of use for this site entirely so i wont post my e-mail right hereuntil i find out if theyll ban me for it. but the website is if you want to take a look at what i already have. I have quite a few marketing schemes so if i can just find someone to fullfill all of my needs then im positive we can turn this site into a major player in the sell-your-own-music industry. knowledge in dreamweaver would be a huge plus but not absolutely neccesary and im using "JUST HOST" as my host.check it out