Dear Forum Visitors:

I am looking to create a website that allows users to type quiz answers into text slots; for example, imagine a quiz answer that is the word "apple", so there would be five text slots (or boxes) to receive the five letters of the word "apple".

Once filled in correctly by the user, the set of text slots should turn a bright color, as well as trigger the highlighting of some text elsewhere on the page, and update a little score box.

I am probably in the market for paying for at least some "booster stage" help in putting this together in PHP and/or Javascript, neither of which I have experience with. In order to move quickly, there is a good chance that I'll end up contracting for construction of most if not all of the site template, with a view toward being trained by the builder on how to maintain the site personally into the future.

Please only reply if you're willing to spend a bit of time off-forum at a very preliminary stage, helping me determine the best basic programming strategy for building the site, before we get to the stage of possibly entering into a contract for direct building services.

Thank you!