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Thread: Need help using images.

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    Need help using images.

    Hey guy's, I'm new to web designing and I seriously need help. When I add some images on top of my text boxes etc, I don't want the images to be known as images, I mean when they are right clicked on my web browser, it shows the option for downloading the image, but on some websites, it does not show this.

    Could someone please explain how to achieve this??

    Also, I need help with a banner, I want it to be exactly the width of the viewer's screen resolution. How can I do this? Can someone please help. Thanks

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    When you code your site, the images will be as backgrounds within the "div", such as:

    #item1 {

    Right clicking on these don't do much of anything anymore.

    As for your banner, set it's width to 100% of your container and that should allow it to change sizes depending on the resolution of the viewes screen.

    Hope this helps some,

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