I am looking for graphic designers to make some graphics for an online game I am working on. I will be doing all of the coding for it. It is going to be done in php. The game will be something similar to neopets or pokemon. So right now what I am looking for is graphics of creatures / monsters / pets / etc. These will need to be similar to, but obviously not the same.

If anyone can create some/one/many of these for me I would love it. I can give you full credit for the creature on the website, with a link to your portfolio. or something else if you would prefer. We can discuss this.

I can pay a little bit if necessary. But I have an EXTREMELY limited budget, and have a lot of graphics I need created.

If the game takes off like I am hoping it to, I will have many more graphics to be created and will come to anyone that helped me out in the beginning first (with a bigger budget )

If anyone is interested or has other considerations for me (like credits given, etc.) please contact me here or through pm.

Thanks a lot for reading.