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Thread: Google Search Engine Basics

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    camelia Guest
    Nice post Alen! . I will like to add up the link of Google Analytic tool.Every day I logged into my A/C and have an idea about my traffic prefered landing page and the

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    Some useful stuff here. SEO is like magic, you've got to follow all the rules and then sprinkle on some magic dust close your eyes and hope for the best. It's challenging and fun though...


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    You can optimize all day. If you don't have content that people want to read, nobody will come. And you will never make it up the ranks.

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    I've been using both the Google add URL page and webmasters area over a number of websites. I haven't noticed any preference with using the webmasters area to submit the xml site map to. In fact using the webmasters area seems to be slower. Has anyone else found that?

    My sites are getting indexed within 24 hours within Google now I've mastered the art of getting the right initial back links.

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    susanbekar Guest
    According to Google stay in brain that the order in which the conditions are typed will have an effect on the search results. But it does not inform you an clarification or suggestion as to how most excellent to formulate a query to take full benefit of this truth.

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    The search engine creates copies of all terms (words usually) on sites in a database somewhere.
    When a search is entered, it looks in its database for matching terms. It then prints those on the screen.
    Google also looks at other peoples searches and compares it with yours and then cross references them.

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    New Bee to here

    As a SEO and new bee to this forum and also to this topic i want to get some ideas about what kind of keywords i can choose for my website Actual pupose of the website is it's a directory of Web design companies from different countries and designing types... please advice me in this...

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    Basically, Google is a crawler-based engine, meaning that it has software programs designed to “crawl” the information on the Net and add it to its sizeable database. Google has a great reputation for relevant and thorough search results, and is a good first place to start when searching.

    Google's home page is extremely clean and simple, loads quickly, and delivers arguably the best results of any search engine out there, mostly due to its PageRank technology and massive listings (more than 8 billion at the time of this writing).

    Searchers have more than one option on Google's home page; there is the capacity to search for images, comments in UseNet discussion forums, and Google’s unique news hub, and many more choices. Google’s own shopping search engine Froogle, is also available for searchers to tap into Google's sizable shopping listings.


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    How i can check my website submit here ( or not.

    Please tell me.

    Thanks in Advance

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