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Thread: PHP form submit problem

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    PHP form submit problem

    Hi Im a complete newby here so hi to every one.
    Im also a novice with PHP
    I have built 3 sites for a client 2 are hosted on asp servers and one on a php server.
    I have made many sites that use both types of hosting which work fine. yet ive had the following problem for a month now any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ive been having a a problem with the form submit on the PHP site
    it is hosted with (clients preference) all the scripts ive tried seem to work I get a comformation page but no emails turn up (or is sent). Ive even tried simple scripts ive found online they seem to work fine (conformation page) but no email is sent. ive tried CGI and PHP? ive even tried using ASP The script is a working script so its got to be something server side?

    ive tried contacting the hosts they said they would help but to be honest they are useless they now dont answer my emails, I would just host the site else where but the client has paid for the hosting.

    Has anyone had any experiene with this host, of can think of anything ive missed??

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    Are you getting any errors. If so could you post the errors and your mail code. PHP mail's may be disabled by the host, or there could be a problem with your code.
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