Good day dear designers! Especially those, who deals with game’s creation!
We’re sure, that your fantasy combining with high level of qualification brings excellent results. Unfortunately, these are not the only requirements for successful promotion of the product; furthermore it is not infrequent that the best creations of designers’ minds remain unused and unneeded.
Therefore, the team of specialists in the name of “Sunphonia” company is glad to offer you working relationship and cooperation of our efforts.
Being a certified seller of iPhone games in Apple Store, possessing ample opportunities, dedication and experience in iPhone-games realization and promotion through the internet, we can afford ground for the entrance of your product on the world-wide web market and achieve high performance. We also can offer you cooperation with our programmers in term to create the best games together.
All provided projects are fulfilling by the large crew of professionals with wide experience in exactly this field.
Terms of payment defined individually according to the volume of needed works.
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