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Thread: Use same user credentials in different folders

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    Use same user credentials in different folders

    I was wondering if it is possible to have the same login credentials (on the same site) but in different folders. Example:

    I want to use the same login credentials for all folders.

    Heres the catch. I will be using scripts in these folders, for the vids folder, it will be one of the youtube clone scripts, pix will be idk gallery2? and games an arcade script or something.

    It sounds very possible, I just don't know exactly what to do. Most Likely something in PHPmyAdmin??

    I am on a linux server, 32 bit. Using cPanel v5 PHP.

    Thank you guys very much. and for a VERY limited sneak peek, (really no content uploaded) you can view my site here;

    The user with the most helpful info will be credited on my site in the credits section on launch

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    You could either use session variables and/or cookies to store a user's login state. Both of these storage methods apply to the domain and not a specific folder.

    Session Handling
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