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Thread: What are HTML tags?

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    What are HTML tags?

    When a web browser displays a page such as the one you are reading now, it reads from a plain text file, and looks for special codes or "tags" that are marked by the < and > signs. The general format for a HTML tag is:

    <tag_name>string of text</tag_name>

    As an example, the title for this section uses a header tag:

    <h3>What are HTML tags?</h3>

    This tag tells a web browser to display the text What are HTML tags? in the style of header level 3 (We'll learn more about these tags later). HTML tags may tell a web browser to bold the text, italicize it, make it into a header, or make it be a hypertext link to another web page. It is important to note that the ending tag,


    contains the "/" slash character. This "/" slash tells a web browser to stop tagging the text. Many HTML tags are paired this way. If you forget the slash, a web browser will continue the tag for the rest of the text in your document, producing undesirable results (as an experiment you may want to try this later).

    NOTE: A web browser does not care if you use upper or lower case. For example, <h3>...</h3> is no different from <H3>...</H3>

    Unlike computer programming, if you make a typographical error in HTML you will not get a "bomb" or "crash" the system; your web page will simply look, well... wrong. It is quick and easy to go inside the HTML and make the changes.

    Your browser has a small but open vocabulary! An interesting aspect of HTML is that if the browser does not know what to do with a given tag, it will ignore it! For example, in this document you are viewing, the header tag for this section really looks like this:

    <wiggle><h3>What are HTML tags?</h3></wiggle>

    but since your browser probably does not support a <wiggle> tag (I made it up, perhaps in the future it could cause the text to wave across the screen?), it proceeds with what it knows how to do. If I were programming a new web browser, I might decide to add the functionality for the <wiggle> tag into my software.

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    i want to add something to the above mentioned content about HTML tags.There are various types of HTML tags.Other than the simple body tags,font tags and table tags there are also frame and frameset tags.The Frameset tags <frameset></frameset> allow us to divide our browser window into many frames.These frames can individually display different HTML pages for viewing.
    Both the <frameset> and <frame> tags have their individual property elements.

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