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Thread: How to setup ecards

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    How to setup ecards

    I have a client who wants to implement the ability for a site visitor to send an ecard using one image from her site.

    This is not a need for a plugin to connect to an existing commercial ecard company.

    My client wants to have one image only on her website and allow visitors to address an ecard and auto send it with a personal message.

    Are there any scripts that do this?

    thanks in advance.

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    This could be done using an HTML email but you have to take into account, some people have their email setup to only allow text.

    The other option is to send a link to the recipient which links to a page on your site. The text could be stored in a database and recalled when the recipient clicks the link

    Id go with the last option

    There is no script which i know of which can do this.

    You should learn PHP so you can code this yourself

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