How would you custom your player for your site? Do you think you shall use Flash to create the following player?

Well in the old days if you want to custom your playerís skin you have to use Photoshop. But that software is too complicate and expensive. Or if you use JW player, you can order one from some website. But you know sometime it is difficult to get the perfect satisfied player.

This article will teach you how to make a wonderful webplayer with Moyea PlayerBox with the lowest price.

Step1. Download and install this software.
After you launch it, you can the main interface like this:

As you see that you can start a new blank project or install a template project. If it is your first time using this software the template projects will be a good teacher to teach how to set the elementsí parameters. Or you can just start a new blank project and start to design your player.

Step2. Drag "Panel" into the edit panel.
This software supplies more than 400 elements to help you to build your player in the simplest way. What you need to do is drag and drop. But before you drag other elements into the edit panel you need to make sure "Panel" has already in. Or you will meet the following error report:

Step3. Build a frame as you like.
Like I mentioned before, after you drag "Panel" into the edit panel you can drag other elements into edit panel and build the playerís frame now.

Letís take the above player as an example; the frame will be like this:

By the way you can set each elementís exact size and position in its basic properties.

Step4. Change skin for each element.
If you want to make one personality player, you need to change the elementsí skin in their advance properties.
Letís take the "Onscreen Play Button" for example:

Normal Skin means what the button looks like in normal.
Hot Skin means what the button looks like when you put mouse on it.

Click "Ö" into this interface.

We supplied some images for you to choose or you can click Load to select a picture from your local desk.

Step5. Publish the player.
After you changed skin for every element, you publish and add videos into your playlist now.

Firstly save the player skin on your computer by press "Export Web FLV Player Theme". And then press "Publish" on the toolbar. You can see this interface:

Select the saved player skin here and press "Next". Add videos into the playlist > Set the export size, first image > Set export folder and export name > Press start.

After a few seconds you can get what you want.