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Thread: trying to win the free world back

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    trying to win the free world back

    Hey everyone my names Dan and I'm in the process of starting my own website. The whole idea behind it for now is to open up space to all the people I'm friends with. They always have drawings, music, or videos to share and I wanted to break free from the Facebook trend where everyone's stuff is everywhere. My only idea for revenue at the movement is selling t-shirts with art on it made by my friends and I. I'm sure I will get a lot of help from the people on this site and I'm going to be sure to give credit on my site. It hasn't been launched yet due to the fact that I still need to find a reliable person to help me make the t-shirts but I'm following some good leads. Thanks for lookin me up and I'm sure I'll be talkin tou you guys soon.

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    welcome to the forum mate

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