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Thread: Which API for simple apps such as 'weblog'

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    Question Which API for simple apps such as 'weblog'

    I've been doing some Ruby/Ruby on Rails project - I guess you could call the project just normal "weblog". As it doesn't have any audience ATM (just running it on my localhost) I'd rather call it diary ;-)

    Ruby seemed very flexible and fast to write language. With some tutorials I got into it quite fast. Very interesting stuff.

    I'm quite a beginner in this web application programming so I'd like to hear your opinions how you'd work your way around such simple applications? I just recently heard a friend of mine praising this Apache Widget thing, didn't really get the hang of it (hurried conversation, but thats not the point anyway) but it made me think "Am I doing this right? Should I still consider other options?"

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    ROR is the new kid on the block. Its generating lots of excitement in the Dev community

    Its your preference really. If you want to take it further and learn enough of it to call yourself a guru then its a good thing

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