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Thread: Web developers needed for new social network

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    brillphady Guest

    Web developers needed for new social network

    RBEC is a social network for free thinkers.

    "We have our own TV & Radio channels broadcasting films,
    documentaries, DJ mixes, chats and daily news streamed in from our
    global community. You can create a profile and upload your music,
    photos, art, literature and project ideas to share with the
    collective. We have a video and instant messaging solution so you can
    see who's available to chat online from around the world. We also
    have a database of resources freely available for the human family.
    You may watch a film, interact on a radio show and listen to some of
    the best DJ mixes and musical performances from the worlds finest

    Planet Productions has gathered a collective of people from around
    the world, uniting resources, creating projects and in turn finding
    solutions for obvious problems in the current society. Instead of
    using money to trade resources, RBEC will introduce a gift economy.

    "Our priorities are to survey what resources we have available to us
    and share them amongst the collective, to create a new sustainable
    society that is no longer reliant on the establishment and become
    self sufficient through the symbiotic relationship of the human race
    and planet earth."

    To become a member you are required to offer your resources with no
    monetary compensation. You may then share the common resources of the
    collective to create your own project and build the community, or you
    may contribute to the efforts of an existing project.

    "We will provide solutions through education, working together and
    harnessing what resources people have to offer, creating projects
    that will benefit the human race as a whole, recognising diversity in
    culture and climate, so we can tailor solutions accordingly."

    Planet Productions plan to make a feature film, documenting the
    journey of 'The Collective' in it's growth. The film will be
    broadcast freely on Planet TV, their own internet based TV channel.

    "We need unity in the human race for our species to survive. Social
    division can only lead to self destruction. This is why we aim to
    connect with all walks of life, no matter what social differences
    divide us, unifying our strengths to empower our mission of

    We are looking for voluteers to help us with the development of
    the site. If you have the time and the skills please joing us at
    RBEC and 'become the solution'.

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    Apr 2009
    The toon
    it sounds a bit cult-ish

    time is too valuable

    good luck though

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