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Thread: Making a website

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    Making a website


    Although I've got a website being designed. I thought I might give coding a website a try. So, I know the basics of html and very little CSS. The software I have is, photoshop CS2, dreamweaver 8 and adobe fireworks. Isn't there a way to use photoshop to design the website then use fireworks to convert it into CSS or html?

    And also with my website which is being designed at the moment, to prevent it being hacked is it worth using https://? As my hosting package provides this.


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    https is useful for encrypting information that is sent across the site, but in terms of server security you will want to take measures such as file permissions setting, htaccess, etc. https is more for the security of your clients if you have an eCommerce site or the like, rather than to protect you from hackage.

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