Hi guys, I find really interesting software recently. It is a web player creator but not like Adobe Flash you need to do a lot of work and know AS code. And the most interesting thing is the new technology the software used. You can just drag and drop the elements of a player to an edit panel then combine them to a whole player. It has more elements then just play button or stop buttons. Actually you can choose to set a picture as the background or add watermark on your screen and add link on your watermark.

I am running a personal blog and I use the free version to make some simple players for my video. Sometime I also use the samples they provided. For more details please read the following news.

“Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 Comes with New Pricing and Advanced Settings

On October 13, 2009, Moyea Software announced Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 with more advanced settings and flexible pricing. You can now present the output player by the free edition of Moyea PlayerBox to your personal site or blog without obvious text watermark. With Moyea PlayerBox 2.0, you can zoom in and out player, place player components automatically and set playlist text settings.

It is free to create player with Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 and publish video with the player on your website. Unlike the older version with default hyperlink on the video screen and text watermark on the top-left corner of the player, Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 does not include these obvious limitations on the output player. The free edition allows you to publish your own design player for non-commercial usage. Only an option with hyperlink on the right-click menu of the player is included to the player generated by the free edition.

More user-friendly functions are available on Moyea PlayerBox 2.0. There is zoom function to enlarge and reduce player for easier operation when positioning and modifying player. You can specify the playlist text size to show the full character strings on player with the preferred font color. Replace the player background with custom image instead of fulfilling the same color. There is an option to enable end users to pause video playback when clicking on video screen too.

Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 keeps it easy to create web player. When you can quickly create a player by selecting player components with Moyea PlayerBox 1.5, Moyea PlayerBox 2.0 now includes the function to position player components automatically. That means you can quickly position the components with default settings when the auto-position function is activated.

Price and Availability
There are two editions of Moyea PlayerBox: the free edition and the commercial edition. The commercial edition of Moyea PlayerBox is available to buy from all major resellers or direct from http://www.player-box.com. Suggested pricing for the commercial edition is $59.95 USD.
Evaluation version is available upon request.
For more information about Moyea PlayerBox, please visit


SOURCE: Moyea Software