My name is Russ, I own We're a very successful web design and development company. We've been in the industry for 9 years, have a strong portfolio, and a very strong team of designers and developers who produce some really top quality work.

Over the years, I've personally gone out and found us clients. Most of these clients have become regular, returning customers. Due to current workloads, and my desire to get even more work, I've decided it's time to try and find someone to market the site for us.

Our portfolio speaks for itself, and our experience attracts attention. We're partners with, who host some of the biggest names in the UK, and that seems to also attract attention. So selling our business isn't the problem. What I need is more clients - lots more! Once I have the eyes of the clients, closing deals is fine - it's just finding them in the first place that's tricky!

So I'm looking for someone with a knack for sales, a keen eye in marketing, and a strong desire to succeed. You must be able to take the initiative, go out, and look for work for us to do. We can do anything from simple websites to huge, database driven CMS sites. We also offer clients SEO services.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not looking just for a SEO expert. We already have a SEO team. I'm looking for an individual who can cold call, goto events, attract attention and generally get us clients we normally wouldn't get without you.

What do you get paid? Well, project prices range from 1000-25,000+, so this position is really going to be performance based. I'm happy to pay a flat salary, with bonus, so x amount per month, but bring us more than x amount of work and you'll get y bonus. That sorta thing.

Think you have what it takes? Get in touch, we'll have a chat and go from there!