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Thread: Need help in web development

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    Need help in web development


    I am new to web development. had idea on html. i was recently assigned with a projet to construct a tool which has two functionalities

    To track and enter number of working hours for employees and their related projects

    1) search/select employee so that the projects he is involved in and number of working hours he has been allocated should be shown.

    In the similar way they can search for projects so that the number of employees who are working on the project and how many hours for the employee

    2) Here, when the manager enters with his user ID, we have to display a table which contains information of his team members horizontally and their projects vertically. for example manager X has logged in, he has 3 employees and 2 projects he is dealing with. then the table should contain 6 cells. where he can allocate the number of hours for an employee and this has to be updated in the database. These tables have to be created dynamically depending on the manager who logged in.

    for this i have developed the database in SQL SERVER. i need to use web as frontend.but i dont know which technology should be used to do the project. as i am new to here, can you suggest me the easy language/script to learn and do this project. i will be grateful if someone is willing to guide me in this. this is my first project in my job and have to finish in time. i have around 3 weeks. please..please help me

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    Hello empyrean,

    To be honest, three weeks means you're in for a very steep learning curve. Somewhat frightening. I would strongly recommend you either try to get a budget for commissioning some of the work or ask for more time.

    That said, my recommendation would be for PHP and MySQL. You can read and learn about PHP from and hosting for the two abound; there are even free hosting packages to get you started.

    What you're asking isn't too complicated per say BUT from my experience people that commission projects will always want more bells and whistles built in. Do you have a written specification for the design and functionality of the site?

    I hope that gets things rolling for you; come back to us when you need more information.

    And good luck!


    David McLeary
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