Hi all, have a question which I have been struggling to draft up properly.

My intention is to set up a site which is will be freeXXX.com. A free product website. Basically it will give away a travel sized item.

What I would request from visitors (or those wanting to participate) is content. I want to be able to offer an area which users can follow directions and submit a story/article/feedback...something of content which will be sent to review (myself). My goals from there would be to gain quality content/context for future writings that would help expand my reach and help educate interested consumers. Figure if handled correctly it could become a good tool for feedback and market research. would be fantastic if the url went viral...via cheapskates and hopefully by those who see value in it. Who knows what will happen

The site must also be built to have proper tags, etc for seo/sem.

My dreamweaver skills are very novice, but I have made a few sites now. Curious if there are templates or any resources I could look at to serve my purpose. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!