I'll try to be brief

Had been using the same website builder template for over a year (thru Network Solutions). Switched to new template 4 weeks ago because our logo and co. colors changed. The newer template had more features and flexibility (um, supposedly).

I have always used IE to make changes as suggested by Network Solutions. Started experiencing many bizarre problems w/new template. If I edit content w/IE I can see my changes in the text editor although they do not appear in preview mode. If I edit content w/Foxfire, I can't see my changes in the text editor and they may or may not appear in the preview. When I publish the site w/either browser it looks completely different.

I've been working with NS for over a week and am finally talking directly w/the guys who developed the web builder. Problems were first blamed on my browsers until it was discovered that they could repeat same errors (I used the same browsers, same settings, same computer w/the old template without a problem. I went ahead and updated both browsers, cleared cache, etc. etc.). They said all issues were resolved and to edit w/foxfire. I spent hours editing the site today only to publish it and its a mess. In some instances, while in their text editor I have to go into the html and enter simple code which the builder should do on its own. Any ideas? I'm in a time crunch and last resort is to switch hosts, etc. However, I have to do something quick.