I'm a long time painter and use Photoshop on a regular basis to help plan out my paintings, as well as having done a couple of logos in the past for clients.

My question is, having the artsy knowledge required in designing a website, is it completely out of the question for me to design and build a small business website for a family member by myself? I have researched SEO, have a copy of Dreamweaver CS3 (I understand not necessary if one already knows html, but I don't have oodles of time to learn coding) and have come as far as finishing all of the illustrations for the site in photoshop, and the company logo.

Some quick facts to help you understand this endeavor;

* It will be a small business website (selling homemade items and reselling unique finds from stores, etc. All under the category of home accents/accessories).

*Will be run from the home of the individual starting up this business (only online, not from a physical store

* I am willing to put in all of the effort required to get it running.

I am a quick learner, have read tutorials on how to create websites in photoshop, so to sum it all up do you feel I have what it takes? Or is it wise to simply hand it over to an experienced designer? It won't have many pages at first at least, will have a checkout system for purchasing. So with a logo and illustrations complete, and the general "look" and setup planned on paper, have I accomplished the most important part? Or, is there simply too much ahead of me to handle?

Thank you for your help. Any other tips/pointers are greatly appreciated.