for example when someone clicks on a button it then loads a new flash movie into a box in the center of the html web page.

I have no idea if this can be done... I know it can for flash webpages but I have to create a php game!!! (uni class) so I was wondering if I can save time (ie: game user wont have to wait for individual web pages to download each time) if the flash movie just changed each time.... does make any sense :-)

I'm a total newbie to web, html, flash (easiest so far!!) and I go totally brain dead when it comes to php! I'm hoping to do a really simple one where a flash clip is played and then the user clicks yes or no (or similar) and then depending on their choice a different movie clip is shown (the flash movies will be simple mini animation sequences)

knowing what to google/search for might be good - it's difficult to look up things when you don't know the right terminology - my searches so far have just giving me 'how to embed a flash movie into dreamweaver' which I can do myself (see, I can do something )