Looking for a Website Partner

Hi! I am new here.

I am 16 years and in high school(10th grade).

Experience: Logo Design

Learning: HTML & XHTML


Is there anyone here who would like to become my Website partner?
I have created 5 blogs. But I haven't had the time to put content on my websites
because of School. The blogs hasn't made money yet, but I'm sure when I put content
soon it'll make money. I am willing to share up to 50% of my revenue from the blogs.
I would like at least 2 people(or more) to help me out! One as Site Promoter and another as Editor.
All my blogs are hosted by Blogspot, but very soon I will buy a domain name.
I really like the design for all of my blogs. I like designing logo's and I am almost finished
with learning HTML. If anyone of you is interested please comment down here.

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