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Thread: PHP, MySQL, Delphi freelancer needed

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    PHP, MySQL, Delphi freelancer needed

    Hello everyone,

    for a customer project, I´m looking for a skilled programmer with experience in PHP, MySQL and Delphi.

    The current application is programmed in Delphi 1 with a Paradox database.
    This will be transferred gradually into PHP/MySQL and browser-based programs. Some of the routines have already been rewritten (still based on the predetermined data structure) and they can be used by now.

    The objective is to develop a browser based interface which depicts the company’s operational workflow by involving the individual routines and the data made available by the routines, with configurable visualization and interactivity.

    More details available on request.
    If you are interested please send an email to: and indicate your relevant experience/references.

    Thank you.

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    Is that an extensions of gmail?

    Also what type of budget do you have for this?

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