Hi I need someone who knows how to create a database, script etc... Basically what I would like to do is be able to forward the message we receive in our inbox and make them viewable in Real Time on Our Website.

We run a company called NightFreakz Paranormal and Last Year launched our new "TV" Streams where people can watch our events Live over the internet and interact with us. The final stage of this is allowing people to text our short code number (Which obviousley we now have) and let us know what they can see. We have a shortcode with intelli software who tell me this is very possible and quite easy to do.

But to take this to the next level I am wanting people to be able to read the text messages on our stream site as they come in.

Now I have been told this is quite simple to do using PHP, MySQL etc...... But I have no Idea how to do this.

I am willing to pay someone to write me this script and get it implemented on our website and if you think you can help then please contact me as soon as possible.

We would pay.

Craig Bailey