Hi All,

My name is Alex and I'm new to this forum. I am new to professional web design and am working on my first real project redesigning a web site for a small business. I have run into a design problem and need some advice, if you are willing to lend me some time.

I am drawing the graphical template in Photoshop of a redesigned version of this web site: http://www.icc-usa.com. The current progress of my redesign (though the main content area is very incomplete) looks like this: http://www.icc-usa.com/@GraphicalTem...Final_copy.jpg.

My problem is this: I like the top header that I have designed thus far as well as the main (purple) navigation menu, but I can't seem to make the main content (white background) harmonize with the other parts of the design. My idea was to make the main content design look simple and clean, similar to the apple.com aesthetic. The three panels in the main content area are supposed to showcase three types of products and act as a kind of easy-to-use navigation menu for customers.

I know that I am mixing styles with the minimalistic look of the main content area and the elaborate texture of the purple menu, but can you think of any way to make the main content area look better? It's still very much incomplete, but I don't like the look of the main content area so far and so am at an impasse. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Alex L.