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Thread: Design contest : be the one to redesign the eZ Publish Community portal

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    Design contest : be the one to redesign the eZ Publish Community portal

    With the recent launch of eZ Publish's new Community Portal, it is time to call for all designers to take out their pencils and paper. It is time for a design contest!

    If you have creativity running through your veins, and want to see your design applied to the new community portal at [~ URL Removed By Mod ~], do not wait any longer, participate, have fun and as a result get your creativity exposed to the broad audience of the eZ Publish Community and... get rewarded for your work

    The eZ Publish community portal is where 35000+ members are registered, a fair amount of them stepping by daily to share ideas, experiences, code, translations, knowledge, tips & tricks and fun around eZ Publish. How about all of them seeing, every day, a "Designed by <you>" plastered on all pages ?

    The full description of the contest conditions, the functional brief and the wireframes are presented here :
    While the 3 best designs are rewarded, the winner will receive :

    * A Wacom Intuos Medium design tablet
    * A free entry to the eZ Conference in june in Berlin

    eZ Publish is an Open Source Content Management System chosen by thousands of enterprises and organizations world wide. It helps you build corporate websites, intranets, webshops and media portals. eZ Publish is 100% Open Source.
    Nicolas Pastorino
    Member of the community-driven team

    PS : not sure this is the right forum to post in, feel free to move the thread.
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