Hi folks,

Listen I'm not sure if I've even come to the right place for this.

I've been a web designer for a few years so I'm not a complete novice but I know there's still lots for me to learn.

Anyway I've taken a part time job whilst I get my portfolio set up, only the part time job is as a Bingo Chat Room moderator... the Chat Room itself has been created in Flash and it's a Flash application we use to chat to the users. We have to post up the winners when they appear on our screen.

Basically I want to cheat and create a program or an application that posts the winners for me to save me some time.

I'm not asking someone to do it for me, simply point me in the right direction. I'm basically looking to create a bot for a flash chat room which I can't actually edit the coding for. So all I can give the bot to interpret is what I see on screen.

Should I be looking into serious programming for this? Or could I do this in Java or something somehow?

As I said, I'm literally just looking for a starting block and I can go from there.