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Thread: Password-Protected HTML for Beginner Website Editor

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    Password-Protected HTML for Beginner Website Editor


    I have putting together a website for a client of mine, using a website builder on 1and1 and Dreamweaver.

    My client would like a singles Member Area page, which is either username/password protected, or password protected just for the one user, on which he can edit the content himself without any website software on his computer.

    Are there any easy-to-edit member area pages out there, which my client could use, at the same time not effecting the rest of the site.

    What would probably be easiest is the members area to be on an external website

    Thanks in advance, hope this makes sense,


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    In order to get a password protected area on a website you will need either server-side script such as PHP, which will allow you to process, user authorisation.

    Alternatively you could, set this up on the clients server using the .htaccess to password protect a directory.

    I would recommend that you use a "membership site" script which would also give you other capabilities such as registration, subscription management, retrieve lost passwords etc.

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