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Thread: Banner and link exchange

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    Banner and link exchange

    We all most all know about banner and link exchanging. But I think those can play a vital role on creating your web presence higher on web. Those are the most useful terms on offline promotion.

    For exchanging banner you need to know the best way of creating your brand banner. Because that banner will represent your company on the other websites. Banner size and content should be clear so that people can know what it is exactly. Then you should choice the most effective sites from the stack with whom you like to exchange your banner. It should be placed on the related website of your brand.

    Link exchange is similar to banner exchange. The same things you should keep on mind while you are exchanging. Please try to enrich the content if you have better idea about exchanging link and banner. Thanks.

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    Yes you are right. Also while exchanging links and banner keep in mind that other company is related to your business and holding a good page rank PR in search engine. This will give your website quality back links and relevant traffic.

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