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Thread: Can someone please help me figure this out.

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    Can someone please help me figure this out.

    I decided to try and modify a web site design that I purchased. I have Photoshop and Dreamweaver. The website came with 3 folders. Screenshots, site_flash and sources. I first tried modifying the home.psd from the sources psd folder with photoshop. I made some changes and saved them and then in photoshop I saved for web and devices and put all the saved pieces (gifs, jpegs etc.) in the images folder in the site_flash folder. But when I open the index html file in the site_flash folder with a browser the web site does not show the new saved images it shows the old unchanged graphics. When I even remove the whole images folder from the site_flash folder the web site still looks the same without the changes. How?? I even have cleared the cache in the Mozilla browser before loading the index file. I am completely confused as to how this is supposed to work and how these old images are remaining. I would greatly any help in figuring this out. Thanks. Peter

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    Are the new images in the same formats as the old ones?

    have you tried setting Firefox never to chache anything? (its a good move anyway, people don't use Dialup anymore, so idk why we're still coding our browsers for the 1990s)

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