I am a Project Quality Control Assistant for a growing web development business. Part of my job is looking for members to join our team.
Currently, we are looking for one or two experienced PHP developers. We also would like someone that can do ASP. Our current team is overloaded with work and we could really use the help. This would be a remote position and while we do prefer North American developers for this we would consider ENGLISH BASED overseas help.
Some questions for us:
1. Do you have a problem with giving us a 30 minute window to talk to you on a daily basis?
2. Do you program in PHP?
3. Do you program in ASP?
4. Do you program in flash?
5. Do you provide in house graphic design when need be?
6. Explain in detail how your operation works?
7. Can you handle multiple projects at once?
8. On jobs that you are to be paid less than $1,500 are you okay with getting paid on the completion of a project? This is non-negotiable. Half will be paid upon the completion of the project, the other half once the site is installed and properly functioning in the client server. Too many times we’ve paid someone to do work, then they get paid and they lollygag around with minor fixes or bugs, and at times we’ve had to send full refunds for jobs that are done because of it
9. Are you okay with working on our demo server?
10. We will send you a list of updates we need the night before they are needed. Would you have a problem providing the updates that we need in a timely fashion to keep things running smoothly?
11. We take deadlines very seriously, talk about your approach or thoughts on deadlines.
12. While we are flexible on this to some extent, must work for the budget that we determine for a project. We send too much work to be strong armed payment wise. We are usually very fair when it comes to this, but there are instances we are going to ask you to work for below value for various reasons (usually to get a bigger project in the near future)
13. On a scale of 1 to 10 please rate your English skills?

Any interested party can answer these questions and send their portfolio/references to me.
My email address is abouwkamp@black17media.com. My name is Andrea.

Thank you.