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Thread: Automated Photo Gallery Thumbnails

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    br14nl Guest

    Automated Photo Gallery Thumbnails

    I am trying to create a website and i have most things sorted out except for the photo gallery!
    I have many many pictures to post but the only thing i can think of is linking each picture individually to their thumbnails (which i also have to link manually to the gallery page!) I found a template for the gallery pages and I have been using Dreamweaver to tweak stuff. All I can think of is linking the thumbnails that i created from the larger images individually to the photo gallery template. Is there a faster way to do this? I saw something about automatic thumbnail generators that do your gallery for you and sort everything out when additional pictures are uploaded in the future.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you very much in advance =)

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    Marnusnieuwoudt Guest
    I have the same problem
    I want to have a gallery where the client can easily add their own photo's (without html editing)
    Simply uploading the photos (something like facebook)
    At the moment i use Lightbox for all my sites
    But this customer needs to be able to update their own gallery daily
    Any Ideas?

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