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Thread: How to Weed out Cheap Clients?

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    How to Weed out Cheap Clients?

    I'd like to find a way to appear more... upscale

    too many people are calling me wanting websites on the uber cheap

    how can I tweak my craigslist ads / website so as to discourage these people from calling me?

    i've considered directing people to a web form that will set up a "time to talk to me for a free quote"

    but i've also considered how many good clients are still to ADD to follow through on something like that

    what other kind of hoops could I make them jump through?


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    One way would be how you present your business/website. So you have a website? Care to share?

    Ill give you my opinion on it, whether I think from your site, that your target market is smaller jobs or larger ones.

    For example:

    Smaller Jobs:
    Larger Jobs:

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