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    sudhir kumar Guest

    Blogger To Website

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    First of all i want to tell that i m a newbie Web world... I have a blog on blogger.. these Days i m getting 4000+ visitor on daily basis. I need some help.
    I want to convert my blog to websited. like this :- to

    I dont have knowledge about that is this possible or not.
    plz give your valueble suggestion. if this possible wat is the process.
    how much it costly.
    is web designing knowlege necessary like html...etc (blogger dont need)
    can i get google adsense ads on that.(currently dont have google ads... google not provide to me).
    wat is effect on visitor if this changing happens.

    waiting for your value suggestion

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    Its very easy to point a domain to a Blogger blog actually. Basically there are two ways:

    1. Domain forwarding: Buy a domain from a provider and forward it to your blog address.
    2. Domain Mapping: Buy a domain and change its CNAME to point to your blog. Google provides free domain mapping and it should only cost you the price of the domain.

    If you require more help, please feel free to post more specific questions.
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