Few important things let me evaluate web design profession. There are numerous web developer are working in Lahore. Tens of institutions in Lahore are teaching web development and graphic designing. On the other hand there is a little web development work in Lahore. Computer or IT profession is very saturated due to abundance of IT training institutions in Lahore. Looking all these factors one can easily conclude that web development profession has no future.
Here applies a big rule of demand and supply. Less companies are interested in developing website while web developers are many. Many times companies and businessmen in Lahore arrogantly asked me to appear in their office as they are giving me charity. Even rich property dealers asked me to appear in their office if I need work. Often I provided them free demonstration by visiting their office and spending my own money. Later I refused to visit any one's office unless guaranteed. Here, I will suggest that web developers should not visit offices unless they are ensured work. Doctors never visit anyone's home or office unless heavily paid in advance. Even small category workers refuse to visit home or office. One businessman told me that many businessmen and other people in Lahore do not believe in the provision of honorable work to web designers. But poverty and lack of work let people accept work on humiliating terms. Here, I emphasize that web developers should get honorable work, which is their right in the constitution and UNO ILO charter.

After years of research and analysis rating agencies found highest earning professions in Pakistan. These professions include medical doctors, paramedical staff and many fields of Engineering. These two professions still have great potential. Especially doctors are needed around the world. Doctors are earning great money in hospitals and clinics. Similarly people relating to finance are earning very high salaries in financial institutions and banks. CA or ACMA accountants earn highest salary in Pakistan. However finance and accounts professions are partially saturated. Freelancers and independent web designers are more affected due to absence of internet based or web design and development work.
Secondly, web design and development work in Pakistan is very low paid. One can easily understand that freelance web designers cannot survive in such circumstances where there is no work or low paid work. Similarly many international websites which claims to provide work to freelancers are exploiting programmers. They provide bidding type of system and let programmers work free for them. Instead of providing advance payments they put money in escrow. Most of such bidding websites are scam. They rarely pay to programmers. It is obvious that web design and development companies in Pakistan cannot survive.
This situation may exist due to excessive numbers of web designers, web developers, computer, software and IT services. One of the reasons of absence of work for information technology (IT) professionals, computer and software experts, website designers and developers is abundance of non-professional and non-degree holder web designers and developers. After getting nominal traditional education one can easily learn web designing and development from any college or academy in Lahore. Advanced development tools and software have increased unemployment in web developers but there is no alternative to it.
There are many non-professional non-degree holder web designers in Pakistan. People should ensure that they select qualified web developer. These non-professional non-degree holder web designers are like such a dispenser who practice in a clinic without professional degree holder doctor. Only medical doctors enjoy value of their degrees. Non degree holders or so called doctors are not allowed to practice. Similarly non-professional and non-degree holder web designer should not be allowed to make websites.
Website designer's income is very low. Doctors earn in one day what computer programmers and website designers earn in a month. Even Rickshaw drivers are earning more. One Rickshaw driver told me that he earns 15,000 to 25,000 rupees per month from his Rickshaw. Initial salary of young doctors is 23,000 rupees per month. Government job is an easy task where employees often get salaries for just passing six to eight hours. Some employees takes salaries without attending offices regularly.