I am completely new to building websites and cant figure out how can create a css code which will help me to move my product categories from top central layourt to the bottom of the page the same lay out.

The only one thing i know how to move them to the site of the page with css code

#productCategories {width: 15% !important; float: left; padding: 0px !important;}
.productCategory {text-align: left;display: block; padding: 2px 0px !important;}
.productCategory a:link, .productCategory a:visited {display: block; text-decoration:none; }
#productList {width: 85%; float: right;}

I try to play around with this code but couldn't archive what i need maybe anybody knows what else need to be written to archive what I need?

I never create css advanced and have no idea how to create, but desperetly want to move that product category to the botom of the webpage.

please maybe somebady will be kind to help me with this,

I would really appriciate this,

Thank you in advice