Hey guys and galls! I am starting a project and need some expert advice. My knowledge in web design is minimal, I can edit a template simply enough but starting from scratch just wont happen

Basically I plan on making a brand, one which sells tshirts posters etc with original artwork. I want it to have a genuine community feel where people can comment on my blog posts and talk to one and other in a chatroom when there is live stream of a DJ. There will be mixtape's to download and interviews from artists, DJ's, musicians etc

www.thedailystreet.co.uk is my starting point. I want a more slick and fresh look while keeping it minimal.

My question is, what is the best way of doing this? CSS HTML etc I have no idea. The things I want in my site are listed below, this should help


Homepage/Blog - I want as a blog where I can update with ease, links to other pages, tag box, search box

Shop - Images of items (tshirts and posters etc) somewhere near each image I want description, a dropdown box for what size tshirt 'small medium large etc' then an 'add to cart' button - Well something along those lines. Remembering not all items need size dropdown box (posters etc).

Mixtape - Images of the DJ's, Description box with the tracklisting. Download button. (Easily Updateable)

About - Couple images of the workteam, descriptions, text etc.

Chatroom and Live Video Stream - I want to have live video streams of DJ sets once or twice a week with a simple chatroom where people can talk to one and other. An example of what I am kind of looking for is at www.getdarker.com

Contact - Simple, Name - Email - Message

Remember I need to update the blog and mixtape pages regularly so being able to update easily is essential.

I have been looking for a template that suits what I want best but I cant seem to find one. If you guys know of any templates that match what I want, then that would be great!
While any recommendations on what code to use or how I would do this and that would also be very helpful

Thanks in advance!