I'm in the c++/directx game development field. I work on the game engine itself. Programming is in my blood, but I simply do not have time to fiddle around with php, mysql, and graphic web design at the moment. I'm trying to crank out a professional website as quickly as possible. It's more of an idea that I'm trying to market rather than the learning experience, so being a business I need results pretty quickly.

There are many out there, but I thought I would ask on a dev. forum because programmers generally know best when it comes to pre-made software. I'm looking for the following:

1) Free/cheap templates
2) Database (text, image, possibly some video, but I don't see this being more than basic text/images)
3) User interface with text entry and drop-down menu (user will either enter text or select from a drop-down menu or check box to select their item)
4) Shopping cart
5) SECURED - SSL, whatever, just make it so transactions are safe.

godaddy.com is offering something right now for 12.00 dollars a month that includes 200GB transfer, 4 GB storage, 1000 email accounts. Just wondering if there are any better ones out there, or perhaps if I could pay someone to make a site for me.

Thanks in advance,