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Thread: Framework development

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    Framework development

    I am working on a framwork which is totally object oriented and shall help developers to make use of MVC.
    I want to explain some basics... The framework is similar to the Java SDK and offers the following features:

    • Collections - A lot of data storage implementations
    • Caching - Easy to use with one interface
    • Datasources - Metadata and connection abstraction of datasources like databases, XML-files, LDAP etc.
    • Streams - API for files, networkstreams, etc.
    • IO - File Meta Information access and access to the content via streams
    • Standard - Often needed methods for certain types of data capsuled in the related classes e.g. String -> endsWith, startsWith
    • Persistence - Abstraction of the proprietary access languages like SQL, XPath, LDAP etc. and OOP handling of data
    • Util - Classes like Date, Currency, Logger, etc.

    The most important thing are the web features. You can define views and controllers in XML-Files and the business logic is expected to be in object oriented PHP.
    It is very simple to make a sample page but also the development of more complex applications is much faster than with other frameworks.
    Have a look at the framework, tell me you opinion and maybe help me to improve it. I know there are still some bugs in it, but I am working hard on it.

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    I'm going to give this a whirl

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