I am a complete newbie who has only created sites through godaddy’s online wysiwyg. I have no design experience or basic knowledge. So as to not waste your valuable time, I have a few direct questions I hope you can assist with.

I currently have cs5 master edition and a templatep2p password. I will be starting out with a template but am totally lost. The site will be a property management site that will include search functions, must be SEO friendly, and will have online reservation/payment capabilities.

1. How are sites made today in cs5? Do they make them in psd then convert to html?
2. In today’s web design marketplace. What is the direction all sites are going to? I mean is it a waste to learn css when drupal will soon be the norm? (example)
3. Based on my needs, which site style is best? Joomla, wordpress, css, drupal.. etc?
4. Can a site with a flash header still be seo friendly?
I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your advice..