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    Smile DesignMyBox says HI!

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Manik. I'm a graphic designer. I was in the printing business earlier & shifted to designing couple of years back.

    I use Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop for designing. Good old paper & pencil duo for the brain-storming.
    I love watching movies & listening to music (can't live without it).

    I believe that creativity comes from sharing. Being in the presence of similar minds would inspire me to do better & I hope I learn a lot (& share a lot) here.

    P.S: Since I am a newbie on forums, I am not sure if I am allowed to do a bit of self promotion by giving out my site link. But here is it :
    [no, you're not :: deleted by mod]

    If I broke any rules, I am sorry. Would appreciate it if you could guide me further on how & where to post link to my site for you all to check it out.

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