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Thread: Page is loading well in IE, Chrome, Safari ... not Firefox- Please Help!

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    Page is loading well in IE, Chrome, Safari ... not Firefox- Please Help!

    I am pretty new to the web design world. I have learned a bit about CSS, PHP, and HTML. I have run into a problem though ...

    I am working on a website and so far it is coming together the way I intended. Looks good on Chrome, and Safari. IE is not right yet but it looks as expected since I haven't done the IE style sheet yet. However, Firefox is producing a completely unexpected problem.

    I will post code but I don't even have an idea as to where the error is yet.

    Help would be HUGELY appreciated.


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    Are you using absolute positioning? The box definitely needs a bit of clean-up, looks like you're having the IE pixel gap problem from margin and padding being ignored. Honestly cleaning up the entire code would cause problems for you I'm sure. Post the style sheet sections for the center content boxes in the middle of the page.
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